Five Things to Bring On Your Rehab Stay

Friday, February 19, 2021

Short-Term Rehab: 5 Things to Pack

You did it. You finally made the decision to have joint replacement surgery and after much thought and consideration, you’ve chosen a rehab facility. Now all that’s left to decide is, what to bring with you…

Modern rehab centers are no longer just medical facilities to help you recover. Most feature amenities and perks designed to help your stay feel more like home or perhaps a short getaway.

Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch… But you shouldn’t be surprised to find luxuries to make your stay more comfortable: spacious, private bedrooms and baths, delicious meals, housekeeping, laundry, television services, planned activities and even the occasional excursion are all available for your entertainment. Some facilities feature beautiful walking paths and gardens, religious services, massage therapy, physical fitness centers and more.

So what should you bring?

Lourdes Senior Community suggests packing five items to make your rehab stay your "home away from home."

  1. Clothes. This seems pretty obvious. But what kind of clothing? We suggest keeping it casual. Bring the items you wear most, but don’t forget your time at the rehab center will include physical therapy. Make sure to bring clothing that allows a full range of motion and some good walking shoes.
  2. Cell phone and charger. While most facilities have phones and tablets available for you to use, the best way to stay in touch with family and friends is to bring your own cell phone and charger. In addition to convenience, you’ll also have the contact information readily available should you have need of it.
  3. Insurance cards, copies of power of attorney and other necessary medical documents. Each individual will receive an interdisciplinary team to help them re-store, re-strengthen and return home after surgery. Having pertinent documents on hand will help develop your discharge plan.
  4. Toiletries. Your new private bath comes equipped with shampoo and soap, but your likely to have your favorite brands. We encourage you to bring the hair, skin and hygiene products you enjoy.
  5. A touch of home. Do you have a favorite blanket? A photo you like to have by your bedside? A favorite book you’re reading? Slippers? A touch of home will make your stay more comfortable and cozy while you recover.

For help planning your recovery, call Sandra at Lourdes Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at 248-886-5615