Pizza? That's Amore!


That’s Amore!

Because who doesn’t love pizza?

At Lourdes Senior Community, pizza is so greatly loved, staff applied to the St. Rose of Lima Grant to get Lourdes Rehab and Healthcare Center their own pizza oven!

What’s the St. Rose of Lima Grant?

The grant began thirteen years ago and was instituted by Sister Maureen Comer, OP, Chief Executive Officer at Lourdes Senior Community.

The purpose of the grant is to provide resources and programs that improve quality of life or care for our residents. As experts in their departments, employees are encouraged to submit a grant request for items they believe improve daily life, enhances safety or provides education.

The pizza oven was submitted by the Activities Department at Lourdes Rehab and Healthcare Center to improve quality of life for the residents.

How you ask?

Well first, pizza is delicious, but let’s move beyond flavor to the benefits of cooking.

Cooking is great for mental health. The activity requires mindfulness and focus on the present task, helping to reduce anxiety and frustration.

Cooking also activates the senses. Seniors get to smell, touch and taste the food they’re preparing.

Another benefit is memory improvement. Cooking triggers nostalgia and can help residents recall positive memories such as preparing or sharing a meal with loved ones.

Finally, cooking encourages social engagement and bonding. Just try not sharing a slice when the buzzer sounds!

Or, debating the best toppings or crust flavor!

The residents agree, making pizza is a delicious pastime and a great activity to share with friends.

We’re glad they are enjoying their new pizza oven and grateful the Activities Department took part in the St. Rose of Lima Grant this year! Way to go!



Ted Turned 100

Last week we were excited to celebrate a very special birthday! Ted turned 100 last week! We are so grateful to the students at Our Lady of the Lakes who took the time to make and send him cards! We loved seeing his smile as he read through each and every one. Such a thoughtful and heart felt gesture. 


Lourdes Welcomes Residents to New Hall


When Lourdes Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center broke ground in the autumn of 2014, the plan for construction was divided into two phases. The first phase focused on a new rehabilitation wing (completed in 2015) to enhance and expand services. The second phase would build a new healthcare center for long-term care residents.

Construction of this 29,000 square foot project began December of 2019 with the dismantling of the former St. Jude Hall. Each hall in the Healthcare Center is to be completely rebuilt from the ground up.

The new rooms are designed similar to those of Rehab East and West. Each hall will consist of approximately twenty-two rooms, containing essential furniture: a bed, nightstand, armoire, and flat screen television. In addition, each unit will be equipped with a gathering area for residents and visitors, warming kitchen and luxury dining room. Other features include a sunroom and an additional courtyard.

This phase, when completed, will complement the rest of Lourdes Senior Community, enhancing the home-like atmosphere expected by our residents. And now, after months of waiting, the first halls of the Healthcare Center are open!

“This year was nothing like we planned,” said Maureen McGee, Administrator of Lourdes Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. “COVID-19 changed what everyone expected for 2020. Opening this first hall is a huge accomplishment on its own. After all the hardships of this last year, welcoming residents to their new home and seeing their smiles was even more gratifying.”

The new halls were named in honor of the four sisters who shaped Lourdes Senior Community and contributed to Lourdes’ legacy. The first hall (formerly St. Jude Hall) is now two halls: St. Patrick Hall and Mary, Mother of Hope Hall.

St. Patrick Hall is named for Sister Sue McMahon, OP. Sister Sue’s service at Lourdes dates to the 1960’s when she volunteered to work at Menscola Convalescent Home, the home of the Mendelson family where sisters continue to live today. Sister Sue served on the Board of Directors in 1980 and joined the staff at Lourdes as Assistant Administrator in 1981. Since that time, she has been instrumental in the development and opening of Fox Manor on the Lake, Mendelson Assisted Living and Clausen Manor. St Patrick is patron saint of Ireland and Sister Sue is very proud of her Irish heritage.

Mary, Mother of Hope Hall is named for Sister Maureen Comer, OP. Sister Maureen joined Lourdes team in 2006 and has served as Chief Executive Officer since that time. In 2013, Lourdes Healthcare Board and the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and Sister Maureen worked to make two significant changes to the identity of Lourdes. One was changing the name of Lourdes Nursing Home to Lourdes Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (LRHC). In addition, Lourdes Campus became officially knowns as Lourdes Senior Community to further reflect the comprehensive care available to seniors and their families.

Sister Maureen also led the rebuild and renovations to Lourdes Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, as well as smaller projects at Clausen Manor, Mendelson Home and Fox Manor. Her time at Lourdes has expanded quality care received by the residents who call Lourdes Home. Sister Maureen chose Mary, Mother of Hope as an encouragement and reminder that our Lady of Hope does not abandon but brings hope and healing to all.

Residents moved into St. Patrick Hall and Mary Mother of Hope Hall on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

“Their faces just lit up,” said Maureen McGee. “They were so happy to see the new halls and explore their new rooms. It was well worth the wait.”

Construction on Marion and Mendelson Halls has already begun. Furniture, windows and plumbing were removed shortly after the opening of St. Patrick and Mary, Mother of Hope halls. Full demolition will begin in the spring of 2021 with project completion expected in early 2022.


Pam Good Receives 2020 Serving with Grace Award

Congratulations once again to Pam Good for winning the 2020 Serving with Grace Award given by Leading Age Michigan! This year especially, we want to thank you for your excellence in leadership, care, and service innovation. Pam has made outstanding contributions to Lourdes Senior Community and within the field of long term services and supports. Congratulations, Pam! We are honored to have you as part of the Lourdes' family!

To see Pam receive her award CLICK HERE!

Mendelson Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Mendelson Assisted Living Home hosted a pumpkin decorating contest and the results were fabulous! Check out all the amazing pumpkins created by our residents and a special congratulations to Irene whose pumpkin was voted the winner! Irene's pumpkin was displayed outside the activities room for all to see. She also received a pumpkin mug! Congratulations, Irene!