Meet Mary Louise Blower

Mary Louise Blower was born June 6, 1918 to Fred and Isabelle (Sullivan) Mills in Oak Park, Illinois. Her father was the president of Mills Novelty Company, a family owned business which was once a leading manufacturer of coin operated machines, including slot machines and vending machines. Her grandfather’s player violin invention is on display at the Henry Ford Museum.

Mary Louise was the oldest of three children. She attended school in Oak Park, Illinois and later the University of Chicago. After a year, she transferred to the University of Michigan where she majored in Political Science.

Mary Louise also met her husband, Paul Blower, at the University of Michigan. They married in 1941 and had eight children together, which they raised in Michigan until they moved to Nebraska in the mid-1960s. They later moved to Sarasota, Florida where the youngest two children graduated high school. A true Wolverine family; seven of Paul and Mary Louise’s eight children attended the University of Michigan.

Mary Louise enjoys travel and did a fair amount with her father, Fred. Together they visited Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, East Germany, Czech Republic, Egypt and China. Her other joys in life include her children and family.

“I have really nice children,” said Mary Louise.

Mary Louise plans to make it to her 100th birthday in June 2018. When she does, she wants to have a really big party.

“It has been a pleasant life,” said Mary Louise.