Meet Sports Fan, Carole Stiefvater

Have you met Carole Stiefvater at Mendelson Home?

Carole is a resident of three years at Mendelson Home and an absolute delight to speak with. She is a woman of charm and laughter, and a diverse array of interests! The most surprising of which is her love of sports.

“I’ve always loved sports,” said Carole. “Since I was a teenager!”

Her interest in sports began with baseball. Back in the 60s, the Detroit Tigers hosted a “ladies’ day” during the week. Carole and her friends were able to attend games for $0.50!

“We had to take two buses to get to the stadium,” said Carol. “But it was worth it!”

Carole continued to attend games most of her life.

She was even at the American League Championship game and saw the Tiger’s go on to win the World Series in 1984.

Carole’s love of sports eventually grew to include hockey, as well as college football and basketball (she loves March Madness). She attended playoff games for the Red Wings in the 60s and has always watched the games on tv. Even to this day.

Her favorite college football team is the University of Michigan Wolverines! Go Blue!

She was fortunate enough to attend a game in the 60s against the Naval Academy. At the time, Roger Staubach, who went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys, played for the Naval Academy as their quarterback.

“It was great being in the Big House,” said Carole.

These days, Carole watches the games on tv and even plays in a football pool.

“We try to guess the winner in each bowl,” explained Carole. “It’s a lot of fun. I came in third last year.”

Outside of sports, Carole enjoys crafting. She loves to sew and spends some of her free time crafting needle point mesh.

She also loves to read!

Her favorite genre is suspense, particularly anything written by James Patterson or Mary Higgins Clark.

But her love of reading stretches back to her childhood. She spent her summers with her nose in a book; her imagination taking her to distant lands.

“I’d be at the library the day after school let out,” said Carole.

She recently read The Beach House by James Patterson which she highly recommends.

At Mendelson, Carole has developed a few new hobbies. She plays bingo and enjoys concerts and participates in field trips to local restaurants and shopping.

For a time, she was also a member of Senior Theater.

“I was a shepherd in our Christmas pageant, and I played one of the Trapp girls in The Sound of Music,” said Carole.

Additionally, she has found joy in Mendelson’s baking and jewelry crafting classes.

“It’s so much fun getting to learn something new,” said Carole.

Carole has always lived a life of excitement. She and her husband both loved golf, travel and history. She was often on the go, seeking new experiences and learning new skills. At Lourdes, she has continued in the same fashion, creating a life full of adventure.

“Moving to Mendelson was one of the best decisions of my life,” said Carole. “I’m closer to family and have a community of support here. It’s so nice getting to live in a place where I can make new friends and learn new things. I feel very lucky.”

Thank you, Carole, for sharing with us. We are so glad to have you as part of our community!