Pat Kane Plays Piano

“Playing the piano is an accomplishment and I get enjoyment from it…” – Pat Kane

Pat Kane began piano lessons at age five. Her older sister, Dee, also played, but was shy and often had stage fright during performances. Pat decided to study music to accompany Dee, but soon found her own love of the instrument.

Pat practiced every day. She routinely played in recitals as a soloist. She also played duets with Dee. As she got older, she played in annual Christmas programs. She also enjoyed playing the piano as her schoolmates filed into class.

In high school, Pat joined the school band. She played the drums as well as other percussion instruments. She accompanied drama performances on piano and drums. She memorized every recital and still knows them by heart, including “Stars and Stripes Forever,” “Country Gardens” and “Turkey in the Straw.” Her favorite music, however, was any Irish tune. She loves songs like “Danny Boy” and “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.” She also enjoys show tunes. Her favorites are from “The Sound of Music.”

Pat never taught music lessons but was an inspiration to her whole family’s love of music, especially her granddaughter, Chris. When Chris was seven-years-old, her family visited Michigan to help her grandparents reroof their home. Pat taught Chris the basics and it lit a spark. Chris began lessons upon returning home.

While the rest of Pat’s family may not have learned the piano, the grew up loving and appreciating music. Pat would play the piano for her kids and Jim (her husband) would sing along. He loved to sing, and she loved having an audience to engage. Christmas time was especially memorable for her children and grandchildren, singing carols togethers around the piano.

Pat has lived at Lourdes Senior Community for nearly four years. She has played the piano at Mendelson Home and Clausen Manor, receiving lots of positive feedback and requests for another tune.

Thank you, Pat, for sharing your gift!

To hear Pat play, click here!