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Writing Club

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lourdes Senior Community strives to honor the uniqueness of each individual through quality care as well as individual interests. Each facility cultivates programs and service to cater to the many skills, talents and hobbies of the residents. Such programs include Opening Minds through Art (OMA), Senior Theater and Music Therapy.

At Mendelson Assisted Living Home, seniors also have the option to participate in Writing Club. The group meets two times a month and use writing prompts to guide their writing. Residents are encouraged to write stories about their lives, experience or any topic they feel the desire to explore. By journaling through life topics, writers have the chance to express themselves in a different way, as well as experience the many benefits writing offers. In general, those who write develop better communications skills, have strong coping mechanisms to handle stress and adversity, and a greater sense of emotional well-being.

The following is a memoire written by Thaddeus Larek (Mendelson resident) on how he met his wife and chose his career. Thank you for sharing with us!

I first my wife at a Catholic dance Hall we used to attend on Friday nights. I met her and her girlfriends she use to attend with, they all came as a group.

Around 1939, we danced to recordings only there was no Orchestra. The reason I liked my wife? She was a fancy dresser, she dressed nice and her hair was nice. She was an attractive woman. We were seniors in High School. I went to a boy’s technical school, where they only taught technical subjects. They had cabinet making classes, machine shop where we would build tools and they had chemistry. I took four years of chemistry and was very strong in it, that’s what brought me to the school to begin with.

One year I took regular chemistry and the 2nd year I took organic chemistry and 3rd year was physical chemistry. The school also had classes that taught electrical, wood working, plumbing and in the summer time students would have to get a job working in the field they were studying in. I got a job making furniture. I still use some of it now in my house.

I became a cabinet and furniture maker. I made a cedar chest for my mom when I was in school. I built a grandfather clock about ten years ago. I started building a bedroom set when I was in school, there were a lot of pieces in there. I had to work on a piece each semester. I learned the properties of wood; the grain in the wood. There’s so much when you look at wood and learn the beauty of it. Each piece of wood, before you cut it, came out of a ten foot long and a foot wide piece of wood. I have a bedroom set that I built that I still sleep in today. Chemistry was my primary subject. After technical school I went to college and took up more chemistry.